Nanjing's Lantern Festival at the Confucius Temple
Nanjing's Lantern Festival at the Confucius Temple

"Raise the Red Lantern" © 2012 Chris Rayn

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About the Picture

“Raise the Red Lantern”, Nanjing, 2012

Nanjing's Lantern Festival at the Confucius Temple

Location: Nanjing, China

Related Project: "A Journey Through Time"

Topics: Nanjing, Lantern Festival, Confucius Temple

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The Artist

At, visual artist Chris Rayn explores the inner workings and hidden truths of our world. Inspired by the classic arts, his pictures feature meticulous compositions and rich colors & contrasts, creating works of art even out of the most everyday experiences. Unstaged and not created digitally, the artist's works provide a highly original look at authentic subjects.