INSPIRITS CHINA is a visual guide to China's sky-scraping mega cities and breath-taking landscapes, drawing from more than 15 years of authentic urban and nature photography of visual artist Chris Rayn. This digital visual experience is a collage of the colors & contrasts that make our world, a place for visual discoveries big and small. Highlighting the special artistic moments in the everyday and mundane, INSPIRITS CHINA showcases Chris Rayn's most powerful photographs.

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The Project

tr.v. in·spir·it·ed, in·spir·it·ing, in·spir·its
to invigorate, to instill with life, to infuse with spirit

Inspirits is a fine art photography project that aims to inspire the heart and the mind, to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity for life & the world that is lost so often and lost so easily.

Inspirits.net was conceived in 2006 as a "virtual photo exhibition" showcasing Chris Rayn's photographic work. Originally focusing on his first two photo exhibitons, "China - A Travel Through Time" and "Silk Road Memories", it was relaunched in 2011 with a broader focus on Chris Rayn's individual works in nature, urban and nature photography from his entire body of work starting in 2002 to the present.

The Artist

With his "Inspirits" photo project, visual artist Chris Rayn explores the inner workings and hidden truths of our world in powerful individual works, focused on his home base in East Asia. Inspired by the classic visual arts, his pictures feature meticulous compositions and a strong focus on colors & contrasts, creating works of art even out of the most everyday, mundane experiences. Non-staged and composed on the spot rather than generated digitally, the artist's works provide a highly original look at authentic subjects. Learn more about Chris Rayn and his other art projects at chrisrayn.com!