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Back to School Sales For Fine Art Laptop Sleeves & Phone Cases

After Labor Day, the long days of summer are coming to an end, and many of you are heading back to school and university. It is the time for new phones and laptops, and new models being released, such as the iPhone 15 in mid September.

Inspirits Fine Art is featuring a large collection of neoprene laptop sleeves, flexible iPhone cases and tablet sleeves, putting the nature-inspired art of Chris Rayn front and center. All these items are high quality, exclusively made for you upon your order (personalization possible) and feature vibrant, high resolution prints that really do these colorful artworks justice.

There are several dozen of designs to pick from, and in this post I’ll introduce some of the best sellers. While the cherry blossom festival of Japan only happens for one week in April, the striking purple twilight work “Light Up” is popular all year round, especially as a laptop sleeve for your 13″ to 16″ MacBook that allows the entire scene to shine on its front.

Floral designs are as popular as ever (even or especially in the cold seasons!), so a similiar colorful iPhone case of the vertical flower work “Kaleidoscope” turns your phone into a vibrant peach garden, with striking red and purple hues bringing the blossom alive once more.

Of course, fans of red, orange and yellow fall foliage are equally served, for example with the semi-abstract work “Embrace” of the branches of two autumn trees approaching and intermingling like two old lovers. Get it as a laptop sleeve, iPhone case or tablet sleeve – and watch out for regular steep discounts on these items in my shop, until the end of this month!

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